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Bears At Helsinki Zoo Play In Snow After

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Bears At Helsinki Zoo Play In Snow After Waking Up From Hibernation VIDEO

This mother and daughter pair from the Helsinki Zoo in Finland recently woke up from hibernation and appeared delighted to find their enclosure blanketed with fresh snow.

In the video you can see the bears frollick, paw at the piles of white stuff and have a friendly wrestle.

According to the zoo's YouTube description, the pair of brown bairs (or rushkeakarhu in Finnish) went into hibernation mode last November and typically wake up in cheap nfl jerseys early March. The two were very thirsty after awaking from their long winter nap and ate fruit like apples and pears before their appetite for meat returned.

The brown bear is Finland's national animal, although it can be found throughout much of the northern parts of North America, Europe wholesale jerseys and Russia. You can see last year's spring debut of the fuzzy family on the zoo's YouTube channel.

Zoo Babies 2012Bonobo baby Sambo looks into the camera in the zoo of Frankfurt, Germany, Tuesday, April 24, 2012. The male chimpanzee baby was born on January 7 and had to be raised by hand. During the next days the baby will meet with his fellow species in the zoo. (Michael Probst, AP)

Zoo Babies 2012In this photo provided by the San Diego Zoo, Riki san, a 14 week old clouded leopard at the San Diego Zoo, and wholesale nfl jerseys his brother, Haui san, unseen, make their public debut at the San Diego Zoo Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012. According to zookeepers, 13 pound Riki san, although larger than his brother Haui san, is the more timid cat and his coat pattern is darker and his rosettes more pronounced. The two male cubs arrived earlier this week from the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, where a very successful breeding program has helped to increase the population of this critically endangered species. at SeaWorld Orlando. The young calf's sex is unknown at this time, but it has been seen nursing and bonding with its mom, Starkey, both a good indication that the calf is doing well. This is Starkey's sixth birth. Park guests can see the pair at SeaWorld's Dolphin Nursery where pregnant dolphins, new mothers, their calves and experienced moms live together.

Zoo Babies 2012Snow Monkey Arrivals

The resident Japanese macaque (snow monkey) troop at the Highland Wildlife Park recently welcomed new arrivals when a trio of babies were born.

The three latest additions belong to mums Mang, Djangal and Angara. Still only 3 weeks old, the babies are staying close to their mums and it will be a while yet before they venture further on their own. (All three infants were born between the 21st and the 25th of April 2012)

There are now 21 Japanese macaques living at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Angara is the dominant female of the group, and also a first time mum, making her new arrival a very important addition to their social group. It will be a while yet before keepers are able to tell what sex the babies are, so they won't be named until then, but keepers are already noticing their different characters starting to come through, with one in particular being a little more boisterous than the others!

Japanese macaques are found throughout Japan, living in large troupes in woodland and sub tropical forests. Instantly recognisable due to their bright red faces and white fur, these primates are fully adapted to seasonal climate changes as temperatures in Japan can plummet to as low as 15C in the winter, making their cheap nfl jerseys Scottish Highland home ideal.

Zoo Babies 2012A new born orang utan baby looks like smiling while hanging on its mother at the zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Monday, Aug. 20, 2012. The little ape was born only three days ago on Friday. Mother Sexta is nearly 40 years old and nobody expected her to give birth at that age. Last time she was pregnant was 22 years ago. (Martin Meissner, AP)

Zoo Babies 2012Twin baby panthers Remaong and Ferra cling to their basket while being presented to the media at Tierpark Berlin zoo on cheap jerseys July 13, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. The two panthers were born in captivity on April 26. (Sean Gallup, Getty Images)

Zoo Babies 2012Baby Boom in the Highlands

Late spring usually sees a spate of births at the Highland Wildlife Park, and we have recently welcomed four new arrivals to their new home in the Highlands.

The four new borns include a European elk calf, a Bukhara deer calf and two more European bison babies. The deer and bison youngsters are particularly welcome as both species are threatened in the wild.

First time European elk mum, Froja who was born at the Wildlife Park in 2010, is proving to be a perfect parent. Historically these impressive animals could be found in the Scottish Highlands, and this latest arrival is the 4th elk calf born at the Park since we started breeding this interesting species in 2009. It will be a little while longer before keepers will be able to sex this calf, who was born on 15th May, as it is keeping close to its protective new parent.

More experienced at the parenting game, the Bukhara deer welcomed another calf to the herd. This little youngster, who is doting mum Mariam's 3rd calf, was born on 26th May and is a female but she has yet to be named.

Following the birth of our first European bison calf, Glen Garry, on May 1st, a further two were born on the 26th and 31st of May. These three calves are the first offspring of our Irish born bull, Tomek, who arrived at the Park in July 2011

Douglas Richardson, Animal Collections Manager at the Highland Wildlife Park, said:

"As all of our animals are adapted to dealing with cold winters, late spring is usually when we start to see births from our hoofed mammals as they are generally very seasonal breeders. I am particularly pleased by the birth of a further two European bison calves as it is now looking like our new bull has justified his move from Ireland. The two latest bison mums are proving to be as protective of their calves as the mother of our first calf of the year. It is also gratifying to know that our herd is continuing to contribute to the European breeding programme for this endangered species, which we manage.

"The husbandry of European elk presents a number of difficulties, but the fact that first time mum Froja, who was also born at the Park, is proving to be an attentive parent indicates to us that we are caring for this demanding species in an appropriate way.

"Lastly, our adult Bukhara deer female has had their third healthy calf in as many years. Bigger than their red relatives, their young can be easily identified due to their much darker coat that is covered in bright white spots. Our group is the only breeding herd of Bukhara deer in the UK, and like the bison they are part of a European breeding programme, and we are proud to be able to continue to help grow the population of this threatened deer".

Photos should be credited to Jan Morse

Zoo Babies 2012A female baby bonobo was born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Tuesday morning to the delight of Zoo staff and volunteers. This is the 13th bonobo born at the Columbus Zoo since the Zoo received its first bonobos in 1990 in conjunction with the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for this endangered ape.

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Chase Young is one of the main antagonist

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Villains Wiki

Chase Young is one of the main antagonist in the Xiaolin Showdown animated series. He opposes the Xiaolin Dragons in training. He was the most formidable enemy next to Hannibal Roy Bean. At one time, Chase was on the side of good; however, he was told by Hannibal Roy Bean that he could only achieve his destiny as the greatest warrior on the Heylin side. Whenever he defeats a warrior, Chase takes control of their chi and their physical form, transforming them into a Cheap nfl jerseys legion of "Jungle Cats". The Jungle Cats are lions, tigers, and panthers, but on Chase's command, retake their human form, Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale or other forms such as birds. Chase can give the cats any command by simply snapping his fingers.

To Vote for next month's Villain For Headline, go to Villains:VFH

NO REAL WORLD EXAMPLES in order to keep our wiki as neutral as possible we will no longer wholesale jerseys be allowing the creation of "Real World" articles, unlike fiction the real world NFL Jerseys Wholesale is rarely black and white in terms of morality and one man's "villain" can be another man's "hero" (no matter how wicked they may appear). As such we have decided to stop the practice of adding real world articles to this wiki and are now catering exclusively to fiction, folklore and theological figures.

Plagiarism Any article added to this wiki must be of your own making. Articles found to be taken from other sites without permission will be deleted without warning.

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History of the world

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History of the world

The 936.5 foot Columbia Center, completed in 1985, is the tallest building by number of floors (76) west of the Mississippi and was the ninth tallest office building in the world when opened, according to Emporis. It also was originally designed to be 1,005 feet tall, but the Federal Aviation Administration had it shortened because of a flight path to Sea Tac Airport. The solution was to cut the floor to floor height by six inches. The height from the main entrance along Fifth Avenue is 882.5 feet; the total elevation is counted down the hill, from Fourth Avenue.The 936.5 foot Columbia Center, completed in 1985, is the tallest.In the first 31 years of the 20th century, seven buildings became the world's tallest. We entered a new era of such one Brandon Saad Premier Jersey upsmanship in 1998, with completion of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.The latest news comes from China's Broad Group, which has made a name erecting buildings quickly and efficiently using modular construction. It plans to claim the title with the 2,749 foot Sky City One tower in its hometown of Changsha, the capital of Hunan provice.In a written summary, Broad said it started the project in April, plans to start installing pre fabricated buidling sections in November and expects to finish in January 2013. That's just three months on site.The news got us wondering which buildings have held the title of world's tallest. See the gallery above for the answer, going back to 1901, along with some tidbits from Seattle. Thanks to Emporis for the Jiri Hudler Black Jersey data.

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All signs point to a green Grey Cup victory

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All signs point to a green Grey Cup victory

When you have Gainer the gopher plus CBC Saskatchewan website sensation Kianga the macaw plus tens of thousands of green clad fans all squawking for the Riders in their home stadium, it's a force beyond anything the Hamilton Tiger Cats have ever experienced; a surge of passion sure to be regaled in future years as la Coupe Verte.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to have an ace quarterback and the Riders have that, too.

As sound as Saskatchewan's defence has been this postseason, as unstoppable as running back Kory Sheets has proved to be, no Riders player has meant more to the team, done more for the cause than Darian Durant. Lions to the point of elimination.

Last weekend in the West final, the Calgary Stampeders did their best to contain Durant and keep him corralled behind his offensive line.

It worked, except for the part where Durant completed 24 of 30 passes for three touchdowns to three different receivers.

Altogether in this November's playoffs, the South Carolinian who loves playing in the cold weather has thrown for 550 yards, five touchdowns with no interceptions while rushing for 113 yards.

That Patrick Sharp Jersey has made Durant almost as grandiose a figure as Gainer, although the gopher once deemed too uncontrollable in Calgary gets to ride around during games at Mosaic Stadium in his own vehicle.

Durant? No such luck, though that could change after Sunday.

All week, Durant has spoken about the team and what it has gone through the past four years, underlining the importance of winning and why.

He talked about how devastated the Riders were losing the 2009 Cup on the infamous 13th man call a too many men on the field penalty that allowed the Montreal Alouettes a second try at a game winning field goal.

He talked about the Brent Seabrook Youth Jersey 2010 rematch against Montreal and how another lost opportunity had fuelled Saskatchewan's disappointment.

Mostly, though, Durant has spoken of how those experiences have toughened the Roughriders and made them impervious to the pressure of Regina being awarded the 2013 Cup and everyone and their macaw expecting the Riders to be in to win it.

It's what he expects as well.

"Quarterbacks are measured off of championships," he told reporters, refusing to mention the 2007 Grey Cup ring he earned as the Riders' third string passer. (He never left the sideline in that game.)

"To finally be able to get it would mean the world to me.

"You want to go down in history as one of the greats and in order to do that you have to have a championship on your resume.

"That's what it's all about."

In the CFL, having the right quarterback is what it's all about. Hamilton has a good one in Henry Burris, a former Roughrider.

But as a Calgary Stampeder, Burris could never beat Saskatchewan when it counted. In four playoff losses, he turned the ball over a wretched 11 times.

Don't think these Riders are unaware of that tendency.

They'll be flocking to Burris and his receivers and they'll be pecking and chirping away. It'll be a full assault from kickoff to finish. And that's why the Riders will win Sunday.

This game, on their turf means everything to them and their fans. It's the payback for losing the 2009 and 2010 Grey Cups by just four points.

It's confirmation that the team, in its fourth championship game in seven seasons, not only matters to the province but is the John Deere that drives the league.

And with a new ballpark destined to replace Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field, it's a historical farewell to the house that Ronnie Lancaster and George Reed built.

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Everything You Need to Know for Week 8

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Everything You Need to Know for Week 8

You can blame St. Louis for supposedly gauging the interest of a certain 44 year old gray haired gunslinger. The Rams already have the second lowest attendance in the NFL. Considering the franchise upcoming Monday night home game coincides with Game 3 of the World Series at Busch Stadium, it going to be slim pickings at the Edward Jones Dome. Might as well give your fan base, at least what left of it, a glimmer of hope that Kellen Clemens won be under center.

Who ready for Week 8 action?! A preview of this weekend slate:

The lowdown: Entering last week showdown versus Philadelphia as one of the worst ranked resistances in the NFL, the Cowboys defense proved its merit against the Eagles, holding their divisional rivals to a lone field goal in a 17 3 victory. Granted, this resurgence came against Nick Foles and Matt Barkley, the latter who appeared to be a cross of Shane Falco and a monkey with a Nerf football at the zoo, but beggars can be choosers. Dallas will get a chance to demonstrate Week 8 was no fluke confronting a Detroit offense averaging 294.7 pass yards per game, fifth most in the league.

The Lions fell short to the Bengals last weekend, and the secondary continues to be an issue, giving up 282 yards per Marian Hossa Jersey game (28th in the NFL). However, there was a big sigh of relief in Motown following Sunday contest, as Calvin Johnson illustrated no lingering effects from a knee injury, hauling in nine catches for 155 yards (including this ridiculous Hail Mary grab) in defeat. With the backfield receiving presence of Reggie Bush, combined with the emergence of Kris Durham, Joseph Fauria and Joseph Fauria celebrations, the Lions are an unstoppable force through the air. If the defense can hold up its end of the bargain, watch out.

Key injuries: DAL RB DeMarco Murray Knee (Probable); DET WR Calvin Johnson Knee (Probable), DET TE Brandon Pettigrew Hamstring (Questionable)

The Lions win if Matthew Stafford has another banner day (seven touchdowns in last two games), a Ndamukong Suh cheap shot leads to the following: now warming up on the Dallas sidelines, Kyle Orton Lions 27, Cowboys 20

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

The lowdown: Don misconstrue this as patronage for Brandon Weeden, but has Jason Campbell ever been the solution to a team problems? Dude is 31 40 as a starter with a pedestrian 60.8 completion percentage. I know the defense is a wrecking crew and Cleveland has a better than average offensive line the Browns don think they can actually make the playoffs, do they? I suppose you can make a case that they two games out of the division; I would counter they just a loss away from the cellar, with remaining battles against Kansas City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, New England and Pittsburgh (twice). Maybe we should give Cleveland some slack for hoodwinking Indianapolis into trading a first round pick for Trent Richardson, although that forgetting the team just spent the third overall pick on the running back a season ago, followed by their second first round pick on Cleveland the best.

If you wondering when Alex Smith stink bomb is going to come, this may be the juncture. The Browns secondary is suffocating quarterbacks to a league low six yards per attempt and allowed only nine touchdowns (four of which derived from Matthew Stafford two weeks ago). I know Smith is lauded for his guidance and management, and the Kansas City receivers don do him any favors, but the Chiefs need a little more production than hitting 58 percent of intended targets (26th in the NFL) if they plan on going far in the playoffs.

By the way, to whoever created the Andy Reid as Kool Aid Man GIF: you doing the Lord work, friend.

Key injuries: KC WR Dwayne Bowe Groin (Questionable), KC TE Anthony Fasano Ankle Probable; CLE RB Willis McGahee Knee (Probable)

Line: Kansas City 9, 39 points

Fantasy impact: Unless it Jamaal Charles or Jordan Cameron, keep all Cleveland and Kansas City entities on the bench. Kansas City secondary should give Josh Gordon fits, and Dwayne Bowe simply lacks the looks in his direction to be a consistent Patrick Kane Womens Jersey fantasy force.

The Browns win if For real, you seen how bad Richardson has been for Indy, right? That trade is as close to victory as the Brownies will get the rest of the season.

Prediction: Chiefs 20, Browns 14

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

The lowdown: The Pats are atop the AFC East, but not all is well in Foxborough. New England has lost two of its past three, and needed a last minute miracle to upend New Orleans in Week 6. Rob Gronkowski is back in the mix and flashed little rust in his season debut last week, snagging eight catches (albeit on 17 targets) for 114 yards. Moreover, Stevan Ridley has turned in consecutive admirable outings after stumbling out of the gate. However, with a porous defensive line (127.1 rushing yards allowed, second worst in football) and Tom Brady failing to build rapport with his new receiving corps (more on this in a moment), the Patriots are more vulnerable than their record indicates.

This fallibility offers a chance for the Miami Dolphins to insert themselves in the playoff conversation, though the Fins have experienced similar struggles. After a promising start, the Dolphins have lost their last three ballgames, including a heartbreaking 23 21 defeat to the Bills in Week 7. Miami has a decent foundation, and Ryan Tannehill is quietly developing into a solid arm under center. Even so, if the Dolphins hope to make that next step, the defense has to raise its level of execution (20th in points allowed) and Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas have to give Tannehill some semblance of help from the backfield, as the duo is averaging a meager 78 rushing yards per contest. Facing New England front seven, it an opportunity Miller and Thomas can afford to miss.

Key injuries: MIA WR Brandon Gibson Shoulder (Questionable), MIA LB Dannell Ellerbe Shoulder (Questionable); NE WR Danny Amendola Concussion/Groin (Questionable)

Line: New England 7, 44.5 points

Fantasy impact: Just short of the halfway mark of the 2013 campaign, Brady is 21st in total quarterback points, extremely disconcerting considering the Patriots Bye isn until Week 10. Brady 55.4 completion percentage is a career low and he on pace for his fewest touchdown passes since 2001 (his first season as starter). It sounds blasphemous, but keep Brady on the fantasy pine.

The Patriots win if Ridley stays strong with the rock, Brady sorry, but can we address the ridiculousness of the illegal push call? Not the call, but the coverage of the Wait, Bill Belichick got caught doing something prohibited? How is that news? And do you really think he didn know it was a rule? Anyone who has read David Halberstam wonderful The Education of a Coach knows the meticulousness of Belichick, so let not play the ignorance card. If anything, the story should be Rex Ryan outfoxing Belichick. To paraphrase the great Ellis Redding, like to think that the last thing that went through Belichick head, other than that hoodie, was to wonder how the hell Rex Ryan ever got the best of him. Patriots 23, Dolphins 20

Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints

The lowdown: Good luck trying to figure out this Bills squad. Buffalo three wins have come by a whopping six points. Yet before casting condemnation, the deficit in the Bills four losses has been a touchdown or less. So, in theory, one could make the case Buffalo, with a few favorable bounces, could be undefeated, and in that same breath, winless. This is why I don bet on NFL games anymore. (But for those who do legally, of course apparently I still first overall in picking close games, so be sure to check out our FOX NFL predictions here.)

Seattle and San Francisco are garnering most of the attention as Super Bowl favorites from the NFC, yet New Orleans belongs in this stratum as well. The return of Sean Payton has restored the Saints high octane ways, averaging 397.7 total yards per game (sixth best in the NFL). What makes this team a contender, however, is the facility of its defense. Under the direction of new coordinator Rob Ryan, the Big Easy resistance is quashing opponents to 17.2 points per contest, fourth lowest in the league. Flaunting dexterity on both sides of the ball, New Orleans will be a tough out in January.

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le hockey dans la peau

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le hockey dans la peau

(Qubec) Les valeurs du sport, et plus particulirement du hockey et du soccer, se transmettent de pre en fils chez les Etchegary. Du patriarche Gus, considr comme le pre du soccer Terre Neuve, son petit fils Kurt, qui s'aligne avec les Remparts, en passant par son pre Glenn, qui a pratiqu les deux sports, l'envie de se dpasser se trouve au menu quotidien du clan

Le sport est inscrit dans l'ADN des Etchegary. C'est pourquoi il est indissociable de la famille dans l'esprit de Kurt, qui arbore des tatouages rendant hommage Gus, dont il reprend le mantra (mettle pour force de caractre), et sa dfunte femme Nora, dont le visage est reproduit sur l'un de ses bras. Ses grands parents ont, aprs tout, t les premiers tmoins de ses exploits sportifs!

J'avais trois ans lorsque j'ai appris patiner avec mon grand pre maternel. On avait un chalet prs d'un lac, qui gelait l'hiver. C'est sur le lac que j'ai donn mes premiers coups de patin. Ensuite, j'ai rapidement commenc jouer au hockey. Tout le monde jouait dans ma famille, que ce soit mon grand pre, mon pre ou mon frre Marcus, se souvient Etchy.

Pass rapidement de la glace naturelle l'arna, le centre des Remparts a dfendu les couleurs des Capitals de St. John's tout le long de son hockey mineur. Derrire le banc, son pre Glenn, un homme d'affaires, l'a dirig jusqu'au niveau bantam. On a gagn beaucoup de championnats ensemble! se rappelle le fils, avec un plaisir vident.

Pendant ces annes, le jeune Etchegary n'a cess de dmontrer de belles aptitudes. Suffisamment, en tout cas, pour qu'il cesse de pratiquer le soccer, o il excellait galement, et que la famille dcide de se fracturer afin d'augmenter ses chances d'tre repch dans la LHJMQ, une occasion qui avait chapp son grand frre Marcus, n d'une union prcdente.

Sa mre Katrina et sa soeur Kaitlin s'taient donc installes en banlieue montralaise, o son dveloppement serait mieux supervis, pour lui permettre de s'aligner avec la formation bantam de l'Association de hockey mineur de Lakeshore, puis avec les Lions du Lac St Louis (midget AAA). Son pre, lui, faisait l'aller retour entre Terre Neuve et Montral.

Mes parents ont fait un gros sacrifice pour moi, ma premire anne bantam. cause de ce dmnagement, j'ai fini par jouer avec les Lions du Lac St Louis et j'ai t repch par Qubec. Si j'avais complt mon hockey mineur Terre Neuve, je ne pense pas que je serais ici aujourd'hui, parce qu'il y a moins de dpisteurs l bas.

Dj cet ge, Etchegary exhibait la fougue qui fait le bonheur des partisans des Remparts, depuis sa slection de deuxime ronde, en juin 2011. C'est d'ailleurs cette attitude positive, qu'il attribue en partie l'influence de ses parents et en partie sa foi, qui l'aide surmonter chaque grand dfi qui se prsente lui. N avec un lymphangiome microkystique au visage, le combatif petit attaquant ne s'est d'ailleurs jamais laiss miner par sa rare condition.

a ne m'affecte pas dans ma vie de tous les jours. C'est l depuis ma naissance. J'ai eu l'occasion de me faire oprer en vieillissant, mais je ne voyais pas le but de le faire. Et puis, je n'ai jamais eu de problme avec a en grandissant. On ne m'a jamais rien dit de ngatif ce sujet. En gnral, je pense que c'est facile de s'entendre avec moi. a t il laiss entendre, sourire en coin.

C'est cette mme attitude et quelques vtrans marquants qui l'ont aid s'adapter sa nouvelle vie Qubec, une ville francophone.

'a demand de l'ajustement. Mais on avait de bons vtrans ma premire anne, avec Tam, Roy, Barnard, Shaw et Lefebvre, qui savaient bien accueillir les nouveaux. C'est ce que nous essayons notre tour de faire cette anne, avec les plus jeunes. Aprs un certain moment, on finit tous par se sentir l'aise.

travers toutes ces tapes, une constante est demeure : l'attachement au logo. Lorsqu'il enfile le chandail d'une quipe, Etchegary se donne entirement. Un comportement qui l'a toujours bien servi et lui a permis d'tre capitaine de toutes les formations pour lesquelles il a volu, avant les rangs midget.

Qubec, les dirigeants des Remparts, lui ont prfr cette saison Ryan Culkin, un vtran de 20 ans, qui a jou la totalit de sa carrire junior Qubec. Ils n'ont toutefois pas hsit confier un poste d'adjoint l'attaquant qui aura 19 ans le 12 novembre.

Parce que je suis un vtran, parce que j'aime les gars de l'quipe, parce que j'aime interagir avec les mdias, parce que j'ai t un leader toute ma vie et parce que j'ai toujours voulu tre le capitaine de mes quipes, j'aurais aim tre nomm. Je suis toutefois trs heureux pour Ryan, qui mrite amplement le titre. J'espre que si je suis de retour l'an prochain, ce sera mon tour, fait savoir Etchegary, qui apprend le franais pour s'y prparer.

D'ici l, M. Positif continuera, mme s'il a t ignor lors du dernier repchage de la LNH, de faire ce qu'il fait le mieux : jouer avec nergie aux deux extrmits de la patinoire, en esprant se faire remarquer par une formation!

Pour le reste, la vie est belle. J'ai une famille qui m'appuie, je joue pour l'une des meilleures organisations de la LHJMQ, je vise une carrire dans le hockey professionnel et j'ai une copine formidable. a ne pourrait pas mieux aller! constate le numro 19.

Kurt Etchegary a t victime de quelques blessures depuis son arrive chez les Remparts, en 2011, mais aucune n'aura fait plus mal que celle subie le 30 juin, lorsqu'il a t ignor au repchage de la LNH. Dtermin ne pas laisser cette journe dfinir le reste de sa carrire, il a repris le collier cette saison plus motiv que jamais faire sa marque.

Ayant pass une partie de la saison 2012 2013 se remettre d'arthroscopies aux deux hanches, Etchegary tait revenu au jeu temps pour participer au dernier droit vers les sries. Cela aurait d suffire convaincre les formations de la LNH de sa bonne condition physique. Un malheureux imbroglio remontant au combine de la LNH Toronto, en mai, a toutefois fauss la donne.

Un examen par ultrasons ralis cette occasion avait rvl la prsence de fluide dans la rgion du coeur d'Etchegary. Un tat qui n'tait pas li un problme cardiaque, mais plutt un coup reu dans les ctes lors d'une rencontre face aux Tigres Jonathan Toews Jersey de Victoriaville, en fin de saison. Un avis mdical confirmant le tout avait d'ailleurs t mis par un mdecin de Qubec.

Ce que l'on a compris, c'est qu'il y avait eu un problme dans la transmission de l'information entre le mdecin, la Centrale de recrutement et les quipes de la LNH, qui n'ont jamais reu mon dossier mdical temps pour le repchage. Aprs la sance, sept quipes sont venues me voir en me disant qu'elles n'avaient pas reu le document. J'ai fini par tre invit six camps de recrues. J'ai choisi d'aller Detroit parce que ce sont eux qui ont dmontr le plus d'intrt mon endroit, explique le centre des Remparts, qui tait class 72e espoir nord amricain.

Une fois Traverse City, un mdecin des Red Wings a confirm le diagnostic de son homologue qubcois, puis s'est assur de retirer les fluides en question. Etchegary s'est ensuite vu offrir une invitation pour le camp des recrues, mais une blessure au haut du corps, subie pendant le camp d'entranement des Remparts, l'a empch d'y participer.

Malgr cela, il a eu la chance de rencontrer plusieurs membres de l'organisation, dont Ken Holland, Mike Babcock et Chris Chelios. Une exprience qu'il n'est pas prs d'oublier!

Toujours admissible au repchage cette anne, Etchegary sera dans la mire des Red Wings, eux qui ont gard contact avec lui depuis le dbut de la saison. Le directeur gnral adjoint Ryan Martin change rgulirement des textos avec lui.

Ils me traitent comme si j'tais un espoir de l'quipe, mme si techniquement, je ne leur appartiens plus. a montre quel point c'est une grande organisation, Duncan Keith Premier Jersey note Etchegary.

Depuis plusieurs gnrations, le clan Etchegary pratique autant le soccer que le hockey. Mme que le grand pre de Kurt, Gus, un membre de l'quipe de la pninsule de Burin entre 1945 et 1950, a t intronis au Temple de la renomme du soccer canadien en 2007 pour ses qualits de leadership, autant comme joueur que comme administrateur. Mon grand pre est au Temple de la renomme du soccer canadien, mon pre a jou au soccer dans les rangs universitaires, moi, j'tais meilleur au soccer, mais j'ai choisi le hockey, parce que j'aimais le contact physique. Et puis, j'avais aussi le rve de jouer dans la LNH. Je joue quand mme au soccer l't pour le plaisir, a fait savoir Kurt.

L'un des plus beaux accomplissements de Kurt Etchegary dans le hockey aura t la saison 2010 2011, alors que les Lions du Lac St Louis remportaient les championnats du Qubec et de la Ligue de hockey midget AAA du Qubec. Cette anne l, Etchegary (21 35 56) avait termin la saison au troisime rang des marqueurs de son quipe, aprs Jonathan Drouin (22 36 58) et Anthony Duclair (25 32 57). Les Lions s'taient galement rendus en demi finale de la Coupe Telus, o ils avaient t dfaits 4 3, en double prolongation, par les ventuels champions, les Thrashers de Winnipeg.

Ils ont eu un rebond chanceux. Frankie [Franois Brassard] ne pouvait rien faire contre a. On tait trs heureux de notre saison. Et quand on regarde les gars qui taient dans cette quipe, plusieurs ont de trs belles carrires, remarque Etchegary au sujet des Michael Matheson (Boston College), Patrick Walsh (Titan), Anthony Cortese (Islanders) et Alexandros Soumakis (Titan).

Si le hockey ne devait pas fonctionner pour Kurt Etchegary, ce ne sont pas les projets d'avenir qui manquent! Dans un premier temps, le jeune homme aimerait suivre les traces de son pre et brasser des affaires. Il suit d'ailleurs une formation par correspondance en administration la Memorial University et se voit un jour diriger une franchise d'une grande chane de restauration. Une ide qui lui est venue force de ctoyer l'entraneur adjoint des Remparts, Pierre Svigny, un franchis Tim Hortons (rue Bouvier).

Pierre m'a racont comment il s'tait lanc en affaires et ce qu'il a fait pour se rendre l. D'aprs ce que je comprends, il travaille trs fort, mais il aime ce qu'il fait. Ce serait trs cool de faire la mme chose, estime celui qui est galement intress par l'univers de la prparation physique. Sur le plan personnel, il espre pouvoir imiter son grand pre et faire le tour du monde en voilier.

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